There are two categories of membership:

Agency Members are Maryland localities. Agency Members act through a designated representative who is a full-time employee of the locality. For Agency Members, dues are based on population to share MAMSA operating expenses equitably.

Consultant Members are corporations, partnerships, or other business entities that (1) provide technical stormwater consulting services and (2) have at least one office in Maryland or are under contract to perform work for an Agency Member. For Consultant Members, a fixed dues schedule applies.

Affiliate Members are environmental or non-profit associations or firms that do not qualify to
be an Agency member and (1) has its main office with the State of Maryland and
(2) subscribe to the purposes and policies and accepts the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the
Association.  For Affiliate Members, a fixed dues schedule applies.

For further information or to receive a Membership Application Package, please contact us.